In Hurt to Hope, you will learn valuable life skills to help you manage your emotions in line with how God created you.


In this lifetime, you will experience life disappointments ranging from minor failures to extreme loss. Hurt to Hope focuses on teaching you how to process all of your pain in a healthy manner.

“The workshop is definitely therapeutic, healing, deep, and effective. It allows a person to release his or her emotions in a healthy way, surrounded by very supportive, safe people. It is like a safety net surrounds you, and you are free to let go, to let the hurt out, and let the healing take over. It does not focus on being a victim, which is very important. It is about forgiveness and finding peace.”

Jeanne Malone M.A., LCPC, CAADC

True Freedom

In Hurt to Hope, you learn to be emotionally and spiritually healthy so that you can fully engage in relationships and opportunities.

“This program not only changes the course of one person’s life; it has the potential to change generations within a family.”

Mrs. H, Workshop Participant

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Hurt to Hope is more than willing to help those struggling with loneliness and heartbreak. Your support can help bring hope and happiness to those who need it most. Let’s spread love and positivity, one heart at a time.