Embrace THE Race of Christ

Welcome to From Hurt to Hope Book

A book written by Farrar Moore, Sheryl Cook, and Betty Wolstenholm. This powerful resource is designed to help individuals overcome disappointments, hurts, and pain that hinder their ability to effectively run the race of Christ.

About the Authors

Farrar Moore, Sheryl Cook, and Betty Wolstenholm are renowned speakers and authors who have dedicated their lives to helping people find healing and restoration. Farrar Moore and Sheryl Cook the founders of Caring Resources together with Betty Wolsenholm they have developed the HOPE Workshop, a proven strategy that applies Godly principles to transform lives.

The Journey to Hope

From Hurt to Hope is the culmination of years of experience and transformation witnessed by Farrar Moore, Sheryl Cook, and Betty Wolstenholm. It is a guidebook designed to equip and empower wounded and discouraged people in various stages of their personal and spiritual journey, as well as those who minister to them, with practical tools for healing.

What You Can Expect

In this book, you’ll discover:
1. Strategies to overcome disappointments and hurts that weigh you down.
2. Practical steps to apply Godly principles in your everyday life.
3. Biblical insights to help you navigate through pain and find hope.
4. Personal anecdotes and stories of transformation that will inspire and encourage you.
5. A roadmap to embracing the race of Christ and fulfilling your purpose.

Who This Book is For

From hurt to hope is for anyone who has ever experienced pain, disappointment, or discouragement in their spiritual journey. Whether you are currently going through a difficult season or are supporting someone who is, this book offers guidance and hope.

Join the Journey

Are you ready to transform your pain into hope? Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the proven strategies offered by Farrar Moore, Sheryl Cook, and Betty Wolstenholm’s HOPE Workshop. Embrace the race of Christ and experience the freedom and restoration you have been longing for. To order your copy of From Hurt to Hope, simply click the button below and start your journey towards healing and embracing the race of Christ today.